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Recipe Makeover

Many people are truly dedicated to their health, but little things get in the way. You might hit the gym after work, but then you don’t have time to cook a healthy dinner and you end up eating a microwave meal. You may intend to start every morning with a healthy smoothie, but the bananas are a little too brown so you end up skipping breakfast entirely. Maybe you intended to bring a healthy snack to work, but you were out of healthy options so you just grabbed a candy bar from the snack machine.

Sometimes the most important aspect of a health plan is simplicity. Even the most perfect plan will fail if the barrier for success is too high. That’s why Meek Integrative Health Center offers our Recipe Makeover service, so you always have the quick and easy (and healthy!) meal plans you need to truly make a difference in your everyday wellness.

Your Life, Your Diet, Your Personalized Plan

At Meek Integrative Health Center, we understand that making a life-changing difference in the health of our patients requires careful planning and execution. We want to provide you with a personalized plan that fits your life effortlessly, because a great health plan is only effective if it is put into action!

Our Recipe Makeover service is designed with you in mind. We want to make it as easy as possible to enjoy healthy, delicious meals that simply make life better. We will get to know the dietary preferences and needs of you and your family, so each meal will be simple, delicious, and carefully targeted to your unique health needs.

Food Sensitivity Testing at Meek Integrative Health Center

Sometimes our patients eat a healthy diet, get lots of exercise, and have no diagnosed health problems, yet they feel terrible almost every day! They are often surprised to find out that they suffer from food sensitivities or food allergies. Our Recipe Makeover service is designed to accommodate all sorts of food sensitivities and allergies, so every ingredient in every meal is designed with your wellness in mind.

If you are unsure about your food sensitivities or allergies, we recommend Food Sensitivity Testing at Meek Integrative Health Center. This is an important puzzle piece in the big picture of your health, and it fits perfectly with your Recipe Makeover!

Recipe Makeover With Meek Integrative Health Center

Developing the perfect daily diet isn’t easy. You need to have healthy options for every meal, with simple and tasty recipes that fit your life and provide the nutrition you need. Whether you are a vegetarian or you follow the Paleo diet, the nutrition experts at Meek Integrative Health Center will create a complete portfolio of recipes to help you and your family enjoy eating well every day. Ready to get started? Contact our team today!

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