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Here at Meek Integrative Health Center, we’re dedicated to a comprehensive, holistic approach to wellness. One way we bring the best care possible to our clients is by continually updating the technology and processes we use to find the cause of a patient’s issues. Lab testing allows us to get to the root of the problem and uncover the best possible way to treat their condition.

Why Do Lab Testing?

There are many reasons to conduct a lab test. Lab tests allow us to get a complete evaluation of a patient’s condition to understand it better. The results of a lab test can confirm things we already know or assume, it can help us monitor the progression or regression of a condition, and it can help us evaluate the severity of a condition. Taking lab tests aren’t the only way we can diagnose issues. We can also take X-rays if need be. The combination of diagnostic techniques we use is what sets us apart and what gives us the best chance of treating and relieving any conditions you might be dealing with.

What Kind of Lab Tests Are Done?

Here at Meek Integrative Health Center, we do a wide variety of lab testing. The specific lab tests we do will depend on the individual patient’s needs. Some examples of lab tests we do might include inflammation tests, metabolic panels, urinalysis  and more. Here are some of the things these different types of tests can reveal:

Inflammation Test

This blood test measures several things, including erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein, and plasma viscosity. By detecting increases of protein in the blood, the test can help recognize markers of inflammation. Inflammatory conditions like infections, arthritis, Crohn’s, tissue injury, abscesses, and much more can be detected and monitored through an inflammation test.

Metabolic Panel

Metabolic panels are used to measure glucose level, liver and kidney function, and electrolyte and fluid balance. This panel is used to check conditions such as high blood pressure and can also be used to detect diabetes.


A urinalysis tests your urine for UTIs, diabetes, and kidney problems.

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