Herniated Disc

If you have a neck or back injury, simple movements can suddenly become painful and difficult.  A herniated disc is a very common injury, typically occurring as people age.  This injury is easy to identify and can be treated with chiropractic care.  Below, let's learn more about this injury and learn how a chiropractor may be able to help alleviate some symptoms.

What is a Herniated Disc?

The spine is made up of several individual bones, called vertebra, which extend through the back and neck.  Between each bone is a disc, shaped like a donut.  This disc acts as a cushioning device, absorbing impact as you bend and move.  The disc is filled with a liquid, gel-like substance that works to cushion your movements.  Sometimes, the outer walls of the disc become brittle, which can lead to cracking and breaking.  When this happens, some liquid escapes and the disc is said to be herniated.  This injury is often called a bulging disc and typically forms with age.

What are Herniated Disc Symptoms?

Symptoms will vary depending on the location of the herniated disc.  If the disc is herniated in the neck or upper back, pain is typically felt in the shoulders, arms, and into the hands.  Numbness and tingling might also be present in the arms and hands.  Herniated discs in the lower back often cause pain in the buttocks, legs, and feet.  Numbness and tingling might also be associated with a lower back herniated disc.  Often, people report tripping more often or feeling clumsier than usual with this injury.  

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

A chiropractor works to restore balance to the body by improving the integral relationship between the neuromuscular and skeletal system.  If the body is out of alignment, undue stress and pressure may be applied to joints, bones, and soft tissues incorrectly, causing pain and numbness.  In a herniated disc, often pressure is applied directly to the disc, which can prevent healing.  A chiropractor has several tools at his or her disposal to treat injuries, including manual manipulation, physical therapy, massage therapy, heat treatment, and electro stimulation.  Finding the right combination of treatment options can help heal a bulging disc injury and get you back to living a pain-free life.

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